Interested in doing a custom program with your school, university, or youth group? We will work with you to design a program to meet your needs.  Programs available year-round and for varying group sizes.  To start planning,  fill out the form below and we will follow up shortly.

  1. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)

    Math - Build an anemometer and measure the wind speed, build a "chip log" and measure the current speed or boat speed, learn how to navigate the river using charts; Science - Measure water quality in the Hudson, monitor oyster growth, catch critters and observe them, learn how to "read" the clouds and predict the weather, use computer models to understand ocean currents and marine debris patterns; Engineering - Design and build a simple boat and test its buoyancy, stability, and speed

  2. Leadership / Team-Building

    Students will navigate the Hudson River as part of a 5-student crew on a 24-foot sailboat led by a certified sailing instructor. While on the water, students will rotate through 5 different roles and a variety of maneuvers/activities. The day will culminate with a game or race to challenge their ability to communicate and work as a team.

  3. Learn to Sail

    Learn the basics of operating a 24-foot keelboat as part of a 5-student team with an instructor on board. Starting with safety, students develop the ability to steer the boat, control the sails, rig/derig the boat, and tie basic knots.

  4. Start a Sailing Club / Team

    Looking for competition? Join our Youth Racing League. Looking for fun and skill-building? Start a club that incorporates learning to sail, developing leadership, and STEM.

Youth Custom Courses

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  • Note: We generally do not provide on-water activities for students under 10. We can do land and water-related activities for all ages.
  • What do you hope participants to get out of the event/course?
  • Be as specific as you can (e.g. 2-6pm, evening)

Youth Contract Partners

New York Harbor School
Columbia University Department of Physical Education
Spence School
Avenues:  The World School
Stuyvesant High School
Calhoun School
JCC of Manhattan
Marymount Manhattan College
The New School
Pratt School
Boy Scout Troop 2295
Tuesday's Children
United Nations International School
Nightingale School
Urban Assembly School for Law and Justice
White Plains Adventure Camp
Granville Academy
Future Foundation, Brotherhood/Sisterhood Sol

The HRCS Mission
Hudson River Community Sailing develops leadership and academic success in underserved New York City youth through sailing education and provides maritime education and recreation to the community at large.
HRCS is a 501(c)3 charitable organization.

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