City Sail Summer Program


Students spend a week as a small crew learning to steer, navigate, control the sails, and calculate speed.  They also learn about the Hudson River and its marine environment.  Most importantly they learn about themselves. Many schools offer physical education credits for completing this program.

"I would tell any friend to join because it’s really fun and how great it is to learn a new sport."

"It’s so much fun, you learn something new and not everybody gets the chance to do that, it’s a thrill!"

"You meet great new people and you will just learn to love sailing."

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Beyond simply learning to sail, students develop leadership, teamwork, communication, and craftsmanship

Five students per instructor

With school approval, credit in physical education given upon program completion


Ten week-long sessions offered between June 29 - September 4, students may sign up for multiple weeks


Grades 5-11, students will be grouped in boats by grade/age

From all five boroughs, many different states and countries

No prerequisites to join - students do not need any type of sailing, boating, or swimming experience

Session Schedule

Session 1: June 29-July 3
Session 2: July 6-10
Session 3: July 13-17
Session 4: July 20-24
Session 5: July 27-31
Session 6: August 3-7
Session 7: August 10-14
Session 8: August 17-21
Session 9: August 24-28
Session 10: August 31-September 4

Each week, the program sails to the Statue of Liberty or Palisades/GWB, depending on tides that week.

Daily Schedule

9 am - Assemble to discuss morning lesson/activity and schedule for day
930 am - Break into two groups, Group A and Group B
Group A - Out on the water sailing, learning a specific aspect of sailing and how to work as a team, taking a trip, racing, or playing a game
Group B - In small groups on land, learning how sailing, math/science, and leadership/teamwork connect through games/activities.
12 pm - Break for lunch, get some water, and rest out of the sun.  Play games on land and discuss the afternoon lesson/activity

1 pm - Groups A and B switch from what they did in the morning
330 pm - Debriefing, discussing what we learned today and what we will learn tomorrow
4 pm - Time to head home and rest up for another great day tomorrow
Early drop-off and late pick-up are also available for an extra fee.

Students will be grouped by level. A student's level will be assessed throughout the program.

Beginner Level

Ever wanted to captain a sail boat? Be totally in control of a fast, fun, and exciting racing boat? Been sailing before but never knew how it worked or what rope to pull? Learn and do all this and more in the Beginner level.

Intermediate Level

As part of the Intermediate level, you can improve your existing skills to make yourself a better sailor and sailboat racer. Understanding how a sail and sailboat work will make you a more skilled sailor. This is your opportunity to race a 24 ft keelboat as part of a team against friends and peers.

Advanced Level

The advanced level is an opportunity for students who already sail at a high level to become top-flight sailors. Work with our best instructors to hone your skills and perfect your technique.

Fees:  $475/week

Early Drop-Off and Late Pick-Up:

8am Drop-Off - $100/week/child
5pm Pick-Up - $100/week/child
6pm Pick-Up - $175/week/child

Cancellation/Refund Policy

How to Register:

1.  Click on the "Sign up for City Sail" red button at the top of the page.  You can also sign up for multiple students and early drop-off, late pick-up there.
2.  A completed Medical/Waiver form is required for each child - Youth Medical Waiver Form.

Having trouble?  Give us a call at 212-924-1920 or send us an email to

Hudson River Community Sailing strives to serve a diverse student body.  We offer scholarships to families with documented need.  If you believe your family qualifies for a scholarship, fill out the City Sail Financial Assistance Application (Coming Soon).

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How many weeks should I sign up my son(s)/daughter(s) for?

For children who have never been in a camp/program before, I usually recommend one week - a second week can usually be added if they want to continue.  For children who have been in some type of camp/program before, I usually recommend two weeks as a start and then more weeks can usually be added.  For these students, I think they are only really finding their stride and making lasting friendships as well as developing their skills by Wednesday/Thursday and then all of a sudden the week is over.  Having a second week really solidifies the experience.

2.  How old are most students in the program? 

This really depends on each week and is difficult to predict.  Each week usually has a strong cohort of 10-13 year olds but it is also not uncommon to have a strong 13-15 year old group.  Regardless, activities alternate between age-group specific and age-mixed so that students meet new people and have different types of experiences in their boat groups and land activities.

3.  Is each week the same?  Will my child just be learning/experiencing the same thing twice?

While some activities are repeated each week in order to develop students skills through repetition (and because we think they are effective), each week truly does offer a whole new set of experiences.  To give a concrete example, the weekly trip alternates each week between southbound (NY Harbor, Statue of Liberty) and northbound (Palisades, George Washington Bridge) due to the switching of the tides.