Members’ Presentation

Members’ Presentation – Thursday, Aug. 8th 7pm @ the Boathouse Classroom

HRCS instructor Doug Tyson will present about his experiences building a sailboat in the South American jungle.  RSVP to James at to sign up!

Captain Doug worked for years in the Caribbean as captain and crew aboard various sailboats including the 236 foot tallship Mandalay.   During that time he learned about local  boatbuilding techniques and eventually asked for some shore leave to pursue a dream.  Over the course of the next year he built a 90 foot sailboat in the jungles of Guyana.  Doug will present on that experience, including photos and narrative of the design process, the construction, launching and sailing of the vessel, and characteristics of her sailing.  The presentation is in story form and is not overly technical, and includes impressions of Guyanese culture, people, cuisine, and some humorous misadventures.