PrerequisitesStudents complete the first 2 years of program.
ScheduleMeet once per week, Monday-Friday, 4-7pm
TripsStudent Planned Trip (End of Fall), Irvington (End of Spring)
Typical DayEach day is a different "track", focusing on a specific sailing-related topic. Students work with their track leader both on land and on water. During this time, students are pulled out in small groups to complete targeted college and career prep, or additional academic supportĀ as needed.
CreditCan earn PhysEd credit.
Program Outcomes
COLLEGE/CAREER PREPARATIONStudents gain advanced skills necessary to post-high school success and learn about college opportunities. 12th grade students are supported through the college application process
LEADERSHIPStudents act as role models to younger students and leaders within program
ACADEMICSStudents increase proficiency in math/science
STEWARDSHIPStudents are stewards of their community, and educate the next generation of stewards
SAILING SKILLSStudents can demonstrate the 3/4th year sailing skills and earn the US Sailing Basic Keelboat Certification and HRCS Student Captain Checkout
Program Dates
Last Week of Sept Start of program
Election DayStudents support 1st year Fall Trip to Caven Point
First Saturday in MayReturn to the River Celebration and Wooden Boat Launch
Last Weekend in JuneSpring Trip to Irvington
Last Thursday of Regents WeekGraduation Ceremony

In their third and fourth years, students complete the First Mates program. During this time, students have the opportunity to choose from several different tracks, focusing on the specific areas that they find most engaging. Sample Track Options:



The Mariners focus on not just honing their own seamanship skills, but also passing on this knowledge and these skills to the next generation of mariners. They set the example and are the standard-bearers for prudent and sound judgement at sea.



For those seeking the thrill of competition, the Racers will learn the skills and tactics necessary to compete at a high level against peers and adults.



Explore the waters we sail and the creatures that live in them. Design, build, and use an ROV to see below the surface, collect and analyze marine debris to determine the causes, and become an expert at predicting the weather.



For those who seek to venture beyond their home waters, and live aboard as sailors have done for generations. The Explorers will learn navigation, safety, and cruising skills. Students will end each season with a trip based on their planning.



Harkening back to the glory days of sail and wooden boat construction, the craftsmen focus on the classic, and often overlooked, skills and techniques around wood-working and ropework. Occurs primarily during the winter.