Sail Academy Inwood

Sail Academy Inwood is based on the same core outcomes as Sail Academy Chelsea, tailored for middle school students in Northern Manhattan, Harlem and the Bronx. HRCS partners with schools to offer sailing and leadership skills to students in a year-round after school program. They learn and apply STEM-based concepts to complete engineering projects and build wooden boats. On the water and in the classroom, boats are the platform for innovative problem solving and hands-on learning, providing a foundation for success in high school and beyond.

Year 1: 6th Grade

An introduction to Sail Academy, sailing basics, small engineering projects and social emotional learning activities are at the core of Inwood's first-year program. 6th graders build confidence on the water and in the classroom by improving boating and communication skills. STEM concepts are applied to projects that include building catapults and bridges, and constructing anemometers to measure wind speed. Local field trips give students a real-world glimpse of STEM innovation in action.

SA Inwood 6th
SA Inwood 7th

Year 2: 7th Grade

After completing their first year of Sail Academy, 7th grade students continue building their skills in the second-year program. Sailing instruction, STEM identity and social emotional learning remain at the heart of the program. With a greater knowledge base, students work as a team to learn more advanced sailing skills. Over the winter, they build small wooden boats, learning fractions and basic woodworking in the process. Sail Academy provides high school access support as students prepare for New York City's competitive selective high school application process.

Year 3: 8th Grade

8th graders in the third-year program are ready for advanced sailing and STEM activities. As sailors, they continue building skills and confidence, while off the water, students dive into robotics, researching and building underwater remote operated vehicles (ROVs). 8th graders continue to receive year-round academic support as they approach the transition to high school. Once students graduate the three-year Sail Academy middle school program, they are eligible to intern and work at HRCS through high school.

HRCS launched Sail Academy Inwood in 2018. As the program grows, we are planning to expand it to offer ongoing support, engagement, and college access to students once they enter high school. We will share updates as this expansion progresses.

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Summer Program

Summer programming provides an engaging extension between Sail Academy program years and keeps students excited about learning beyond the school year. Rising 7th and 8th graders are eligible for Inwood Explorers, strengthening sailing skills, working on new projects and building environmental awareness by visiting nearby urban parklands. Rising 9th graders who have graduated from the middle school program can participate in Sailing Intensive, learning how to support operations at Dyckman Marina, representing HRCS while interacting with the public and acting as First Mates while sailing. During the summer program students also work towards their US Sailing Basic Keelboat and New York State Safe Boating certifications.

Partner Schools

Amber Charter School

Atmosphere Academy

City College Academy of the Arts

Hamilton Grange Middle School

Kipp Beyond

Don't see your school listed? Email to get involved.

HRCS partners with schools that have 70% or more students that qualify for free or reduced lunch through Title I. We can arrange a contract if your school doesn't fall in this category.

Not enrolled at a Sail Academy partner school?

Your child or group can still get out on the water for sailing and STEM. Check out our Custom Group Offerings page.