COVID-19 Policies

HRCS strives to be a safe space for people to learn and sail. As we reopen amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, the safety of our staff and participants is our foremost concern.

The reopening guidelines below were drafted in close consultation with guidelines and recommendations from: the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, New York State, Empire State Development Corporation, US Sailing, American Camping Association, and the HRCS Board of Directors. As this is a rapidly evolving situation, we anticipate that changes in guidance will occur and that our policies will adapt and adjust accordingly.

This summary of policies and guidelines HRCS has developed. Each program area also has its own set of corresponding procedures to help direct the specific needs of its individual population. City Sail-specific policies can be found on the City Sail Page.


  • Protect staff, students, and members from contracting or spreading Covid-19

  • Create clear directives that are easy to communicate, implement, and enforce

  • Limit risk to individuals and the organization as a whole

Communication of Policies

  • To encourage social distancing, HRCS will mark points throughout the boathouse that are 6 feet apart from each other. These points will provide places for people to stand in line for the main bay, bathroom, sink area and PFD area

  • Participants will sign an agreement in addition to their liability release acknowledging their understanding of our Covid-19 policies, their responsibilities, and the associated risk

Physical Distancing

  • Access to the boathouse will be limited to only HRCS and sub-permittee constituents, and only for program use

  • Staff and participants will be expected to keep 6 feet of distance from one another while in the Pier 66 boathouse

  • HRCS will limit its participants in the boathouse, on the docks, and in the classroom and on docks by scheduling no more than two sails in any 30 minute time slot, limiting the number of people coming and going to boats to 10 or fewer

  • To avoid boathouse overcrowding during inclement weather, weather-related cancelations will be made as far in advance as possible

Cleaning and Sanitation Standards

  • HRCS will implement detailed sanitizing protocols, cleaning the boats, boathouse, and equipment as outlined in CDC guidelines

  • Launches will be cleaned after each boarding window and thoroughly disinfected at the end of each day

  • Staff and participants will be required to wash their hands when entering the building, and after each sail

  • Touchpoints on boats will be sanitized after every use by the skippers and instructors using the boats

  • Life jackets will be sanitized after each use

Temperature Checks

  • Staff will be required to check their temperature daily. These checks will be logged

  • Participants will be required to to monitor their temperature before coming sailing. Any participant with a reading above 100.4 F will be required to postpone their sail for at least 14 days after their fever has subsided

  • HRCS reserves the right to do temperature checks of participants

Face Coverings

  • All staff and participants are required to wear a face covering at all times, unless they become an impediment to safety or communication

  • HRCS will have face coverings available for purchase if people arrive without one


  • Boat capacity will be reduced to facilitate social distancing

  • On shore instruction will use remote access tools before students arrive at the boathouse whenever possible

  • If the classroom does need to be used, occupancy will be capped at a single boat’s crew.

  • Outdoor spaces with room to spread out will be utilized whenever possible

On-Water Policies

  • Boats will depart on a half hour staggered schedule to minimize crowding

  • Number of participants aboard launches will be limited to 2 at a time

  • Sailors will follow the assigned seating chart throughout the sail, with movement aboard vessels minimized to maintain distance

Tracking and Reporting of Potential Cases

  • HRCS will follow guidelines for contact tracing outlined by Johns Hopkins University.

  • HRCS will keep a record of each participant, who they sailed with, and which staff they had interaction with.

  • Staff or participants who show any symptoms of Covid-19 will be sent home immediately.  Staff will be required to get tested, and participants strongly encouraged.

  • If a participant tests positive for Covid-19 and was at the boathouse during their infectious period, their instructor/skipper and the rest of their boat group will be notified, and it will be suggested they quarantine

  • If a staff member tests positive for Covid-19 and was at the boathouse during their infectious period, all participants and staff they were in contact with would be notified. That staff member would not be able to return until after completing full quarantine