Custom Group Offerings

Interested in building a custom course for your child or group? HRCS will work with you to design a program that meets your needs. Courses are available for all skill-levels. No prior sailing experience required. To start planning, please fill out the form below.


STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)

Using applied science and math, students enhance their STEM skills through sailing. Most lessons include land-based instruction and an on-water component that gets kids on the Hudson River. In this course students may:

  • Build an anemometer and measure wind speed
  • Learn to navigate the river using charts
  • Measure water quality in the Hudson
  • Monitor oyster growth
  • Conduct specimen collection, engage in systematic observation, and classify organisms to understand estuarine food webs
  • Learn how to "read" the clouds and predict the weather
  • Design and build a simple boat and test its buoyancy, stability, and speed.

Learn the Basics

In this introductory course you'll learn the fundamentals of piloting a 24-foot keelboat alongside a supportive team and expert instructor. From mastering safety measures to taking the helm, adjusting the sails, rigging the boat, and tying essential knots, you'll quickly become a skilled sailor! There is no requirement to know how to swim as we prioritize safety and comfort for each of our participants.

As you navigate the majestic Hudson River, you'll also gain valuable insights into the rules of the road, local landmarks, and basic navigation, enhancing your understanding of the waters you sail. Get ready to set sail and discover the thrill of navigating the waters of the Hudson.


Team Building

Students will navigate the Hudson River as part of a 5-student crew on a 24-foot sailboat led by a certified sailing instructor. While on the water, students will rotate through 5 different roles and a variety of maneuvers/activities. The day will culminate with a game or race to challenge their ability to communicate and work as a team.


4-5 students per boat

2-hour program

per boat

3-hour program

per boat

4-hour program

per boat

Start a Youth Racing Team or Club

Looking for competition?

Check out the HRCS weekly Youth Racing League. Teams and individuals are welcome to join.

Looking for fun and skill-building?

Start a club that incorporates learning to sail, developing leadership, and STEM.


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