Come be a member of a fantastic sailing community in the greatest city in the world. Our membership is a diverse, inclusive community of people brought together by a love of sailing and the waterfront. We aim to foster a culture of education and development.

Many members volunteer, get involved in our events, and become mentors for students in our Youth Development Programs.

Membership Types


No prerequisites, but must pass the HRCS written and practical exams. Can book a boat out to go sailing whenever they want.

Pay-Per-Sail Crew

No experienced required. Just log onto the site and sign onto a boat. All the same privileges as a Full Crew, except each time you sail or bring a guest there is a fee.

Full Crew

No experience required. Just log onto the site and sign onto a boat. All sails are free for you.

Millennial/Senior Discounts - For those under 25 or over 64.

Family Membership - Bring immediate family members sailing at no additional cost.

How It Works

Year Round Events

Workshops, interesting lectures, volunteering and other events happen throughout the year

Year Round Sailing

We have a fleet of boats available for use, sailing even during the winter months

2 Locations in NYC

We have locations at both ends of Manhattan

Unlimited Guests

You can bring up to 4 guests, and guests can come as frequently as they like

Free Instructional Opportunities

Members have the opportunity to get aboard our public lessons for free

Join An Exciting Community

Sailing is a pass time and skill that you can take around the world.

Reach the Outdoors Without the Commute

Bike or walk to our 2 locations and then find yourself out amid the sky, wind, and waves.

Join Any Time

All memberships are good for 12 months from your start date, join any time

Frequently Asked Questions

It's easy, there are 2 steps.

  1. Attend an Orientation. [click to sign up]
  2. Fill in the paperwork. [click to fill]

Nope.  Skipper-members aboard know how.  No experience required for Crew.

Just log in to the site and sign up!

Hanging at the boathouse, aboard the boats, at workshops, social events, volunteering, at the bar next door.

We're an educational organization and our membership is marked by a culture of support and seamanship.  Skippers will train you, and we offer low or no-cost lessons with paid staff as well as workshops and other opportunities.

You can bring a maximum of 4 guests at one time. Each individual guest may only come sailing three times in one season

The main season is mid-April to mid-November with limited winter sailing.

Check out the Get Involved page to learn about volunteer opportunities.

There are boats sailing throughout the week and weekend.  Weekday evenings and weekends are most popular.

Minimum age is 5. But there are also physical fitness and maturity limits.   If your guest is a kid he or she must be strong enough to sit and hold on to something to stay in place and mature enough to do so if told.

Preparing for Your Sail