In 2021, HRCS piloted an adaptive program to provide sailing education and recreation for youth and adults with disabilities, who are often cut off from outdoor activities due to a lack of infrastructure and training. Drawing upon our years of providing transformative on-water programs, HRCS is shifting this paradigm and providing a safe and empowering experience for participants.

"It's really awesome that the boats are adapted. We have seats and the controls are adapted for us. It's just like regular sailing."

Dan, Adaptive Sailing participant

To learn more about Adaptive Sailing, please watch this video.

Interested in Becoming an Adaptive Sailing Partner?

If you are an organization working with youth or adults with physical or developmental disabilities and you are interested in partnering with HRCS, please contact us at

You can read more about HRCS Board Member and Adaptive Sailing participant Quemuel Arroyo in the US Sailing feature Adapting to Sailing and Thriving.