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Our Fleet of J/24 and J/80 Sailboats

We have 15 J/24s sailboats, the most popular keelboats in the world, and 5 J/80s with 5 more on the way. They are small boats that are fast and sporty, while being stable and safe. The J/24 is typically crewed by 5 people, and the newer J/80s have a more open style that accommodates more people, and is more comfortable for adaptive sailing programs. Join the fun and learn more about the fleet by stopping by the Pier 66 boathouse.

Staff & Crew Members



“Although I have learned so much about sailing, this program also greatly improved my social skills. I have become much more open, I have become a better leader, and most importantly I learned how to teach others the skills I have acquired. I did not immediately notice the changes occurring until the people around me commented on how much of a positive impact sailing and being part of this program had on me.”

Anthony Youth Program Graduate (Oakcliff Scholarship Winner

“It was great that I did this program because you learn so many different things…and it builds character, coming here, after school, in the snow, instead of going out with friends, to work on a boat, to help out…Colleges like to see you can stick with something for four years.”

Nick Youth Program Graduate

“I joined this program because my mother told me that girls do not belong on boats.”

Sail Academy Student

"I learned how to work together with people…even if you feel as though they won't comprehend the material…if you give them a chance to they may prove you wrong.”

Sail Academy Student

"I learned confidence in myself because I was able to try something new, sailing, and a different point of view of math from the sea, that I never really thought was real."

Dayana First Mate

Program Partners

“HRCS has generously provided our students with vessels and sailing instruction of the highest quality. After years of partnership, we recognize that HRCS is unparalleled in its ability to teach New York City students sailing and engage them in on-water environmental activities.”

Samuel Jannis Program Manager New York Harbor Foundation

“The Hudson River Community Sailing program holds their Winter Session in our school so I am fortunate to see their program in action. It is truly incredible. Students from different schools are enthusiastically working together to measure, cut, hammer, and do everything it takes to build boats. Student motivation is at it’s all time high…We feel so fortunate to be a part of such an amazing program that truly provides students with a wholesome after school activity that is educational and invaluable.”

Karen Polsonetti Principal Manhattan Business Academy

“Hudson River Community Sailing embodies real maritime experiences for youth and adults alike in an environment where community access to the water is limited. I applaud them for a quality program.”

Captain Aaron Singh Waterfront Director The New York Harbor School

“US Sailing prides itself on providing leadership, integrity and advancement for our sailors; all of which are shared objectives of Hudson River Community Sailing. HRCS has been a US Sailing Certified school since 2009, and provides high-quality sailing and marine education to the New York City community.”

Jessica Servis Reach Program Manager US Sailing

“I also have learned a great deal both professionally and personally from my fellow members on the art of sailing as well as more importantly the positive impact of trying to give back to the community. HRCS runs a great program with workshops and volunteering opportunities with the youth program which I also value.”

Bernard P. Chang Adult Sailing Club Member


“We're so delighted with everything she's learned in just 2 days. She's never been on a boat other than the Staten Island Ferry before so this is definitely out of her comfort zone. When I asked her what she likes about it she said "I just like sailing." Who knew?”

Jenny Beirne Parent of City Sail student

“Our son, Nick, has been in this program for 4 years and has learned all aspects of sailing. He has studied math and physics as it relates to sailing, and this has helped him in school. The kids build a boat in the winter, and then sail it in the spring. This is such an amazing program for inner city kids.”

Tracy Fusco Parent of Youth Program Graduate

“I can’t tell you how much this means to me… as a single working parent, to know that every day with City Sail my teenager is involved in something meaningful to him… in a beautiful setting on the Hudson. He’s excited, learning, relaxing (all too rare for a city kid), and, most important, he’s engaged— pooling and building upon his efforts with other kids to sail a boat, and to experience and enjoy the results.”

Parent of City Sail Student