Sail Academy Graduate

“Although I have learned so much about sailing, this program also greatly improved my social skills. I have become much more open, I have become a better leader, and most importantly I learned how to teach others the skills I have acquired. I did not immediately notice the changes occurring until people around me commented on how much of a positive impact sailing and being part of this program had on me.”

Anthony Oakcliff Scholarship Winner

Program Partner

“US Sailing prides itself on providing leadership, integrity and advancement for our sailors; all of which are shared objectives of Hudson River Community Sailing. HRCS has been a US Sailing Certified school since 2009, and provides high-quality sailing and marine education to the New York City community.”

Jessica Servis Reach Program Manager US Sailing


“We're so delighted with everything she's learned in just 2 days. She's never been on a boat other than the Staten Island Ferry before so this is definitely out of her comfort zone. When I asked her what she likes about it she said "I just like sailing." Who knew?”

Jenny Beirne Parent of City Sail student


“Our son, Nick, has been in this program for 4 years and has learned all aspects of sailing. He has studied math and physics as it relates to sailing, and this has helped him in school. The kids build a boat in the winter, and then sail it in the spring. This is such an amazing program for inner city kids.”

Tracy Fusco Parent of Sail Academy Graduate