Custom Group Offerings

Plan a team-building event for your department, impress clients with a unique view of New York City, or bring a big group of friends out for a hands on sailing experience. We specialize in creating custom on-water events to give every group a memorable sailing experience.


Option 1: Learn to Sail or Pleasure Sail

Teams will work together learning to sail and rotating through all the different jobs on the boat or you can sit back and enjoy the ride.

4-5 attendees/boat
$450 /boat
2 hour Lesson or Pleasure Sail

Custom Group

Option 2: Team-Building

Challenge your group to work together, learn a new skill, and harness the wind. This event combines hands-on sailing with cooperative and/or competitive team-building activities.

4-5 attendees/boat
$550 /boat
3-hour team-building event


Option 3: Learn to Sail + Racing

Learn to sail as a small team, rotating through the jobs, then test your skills in a series of races. Fun for all experience levels.

4-5 attendees /boat
$775 /boat
2-hour Lesson, 2-hour Racing

Group Custom Regattas

Option 4: Host a Regatta with HRCS

As part of our mission to provide waterfront access to the community at large, HRCS hosts corporate and community regattas for groups and organizations in the NYC area. Book our most customizable event for anything from corporate retreats to fundraising events. Run times typically start at 5 hours but can be expanded. Options include but are not limited to: full access to our boathouse and facilities, customizable catering, use of a photo boat, customizable flags and spinnakers, and much more!

Community Regattas hosted by HRCS include The Knickerbocker Sailing Association Stonewall Sails Regatta and The New York Architects' Regatta Challenge.

To set up a custom regatta, please email Public Programs Manager, Conor Murphy at