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Sail Academy recruits 9th grade students from seven public high schools who need support in math and science and engages them in a year of academic after school programming using sailing and boat building as its mediums.  The curriculum is based on the methodology of experiential, student-centered, discovery learning; math, science, and character-building are taught through concrete, hands-on situations in small groups led by positive, responsible role models.  Upon completion of each trimester, students may earn academic credit.  During the fall and spring, students sail on J-24s at our Pier 66 boat house on the Hudson.  During the winter, students build 9-foot wooden Optimist dinghies on the campus of one or our partner schools.  We partner with Brooklyn Boatworks on the design and curriculum around boatbuilding. 

Program Outcomes

  1. Increase proficiency in math and science as compared to peers cohort
  2. Improve communication and teamwork skills
  3. Foster a greater interest in mathematics and science
  4. Foster fact-based and independent decision-making
  5. Develop confidence and competence operating sailboats
  6. Increase literacy through experience recording and reflecting
  7. Expose students to college and career options, particularly in disciplines that require math and science skills
  • Manhattan Business Academy
  • NYC Lab School of Collaborative Studies
  • NYC Museum School
  • Hudson High School for Learning Technologies
  • Harvest Collegiate High School
  • James Baldwin School for Expeditionary Learning
  • Landmark High School

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During the school year, students meet at the Pier 66 boat house once per week, Monday-Thursday, from 4-7pm and every other Friday from 4-7pm and on select school holidays/weekends.

The 2013-14 Program Dates are:
  • Fall - The Math and Science Behind Sailing, Part I - September 29 - November 22
  • Winter - Building Boats and Understanding the Waters We Sail - December 2 - March 28
  • Spring - The Math and Science Behind Sailing, Part II - March 31 - June 12